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As many of us know it is extremely hard to find qualified, reliable and dependable contractors these days which is what originally lead me to the Better Business Bureau website, once there the name ‘Bathman’ came up with an A+ rating with immediately impressed me. Further to this I checked the many references on his website impressing me even more. I immediately called to enquire about our pending bathroom renovations, set up an appointment and met with Sharam to hire him on the spot.

Well this was likely one of the better decision we have made in a long while and with one week ahead of schedule we now showcase a brand new ensuite shower. I was originally very worried about the considerable mess such an undertaking might cause given that the carpets from the front entry leading up the stairs and through the master bedroom to the ensuite are the palest of beige and removing 25 year old fiberglass shower along with walls and ceiling would not be kind to our carpets. In addition cement needed to be poured, tiles set and grouted along with all of the other things that are part of such a bathroom renovation. Sharam and his assistant Amir took great care of the floor coverings by placing tarps from the first step you entered the home right to their work area, each evening everything was cleaned up and apart from the ongoing construction you would not have even known they had been there. It truly was very easy on us given the hardest task was to select the tiles which we did and simply left the rest up to Sharam and I am happy to say we were not disappointed.

The shower turned out better then what we had expected and we thank Sharam and Amir for the outstanding work they did. Sharam is very forward thinking and we thank him for taking the initiative for installing a shut off valve that was never there before and could potentially come in very handy in the future. Sharam does it all and very, very well and we certainly would never hesitate to recommend him for any project and would not even entertain the notion of another contractor should a similar renovation that suits his skill set come along.

Sharam, thank you very much for everything, the shower looks so beautiful we almost don’t want to use it but we do go and look at it at least twice a day.

Bea and Bernie

North Vancouver