604-805-4267 renovation@bathman.ca

Last year, Sharam of Bathman, did two small bathroom renovations for us. The work went smoothly and we were pleased with the end result. We also thought his cost was very reasonable compared to other bathroom renovators we checked into.

Just recently, we had a problem with one of the toilets he installed which we thought was leaking so we got in touch with Sharam again to see if he could fix it. He was very quick to respond and arrived at our house at the appointed time just as he promised. As it turned out, the toilet was not leaking after all. Some how water had been spilled around the toilet area while I was cleaning and stained the old porous tiles around the commode. I was embarrassed to have wasted Sharam’s time and offered to pay him for his trouble but he was very gracious and declined.

Sharam not only does bathroom renos but kitchen and other renos as well so if I would be very happy to use his services again should another project turn up as he is very obliging, does a great job, and honest at that!